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1999: ECW Pay Per View Results



Guilty as Charged


Millennium Theater

Kissimmee, FL


Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney defeated The F.B.I and Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill

Tajiri defeated Super Crazy

Sid Vicious defeated John Kronus

The Dudley's defeated New Jack and Spike Dudley

Rob Van Dam defeated Lance Storm

Justin Credible defeated Tommy Dreamer

Taz defeated Shane Douglas to win the ECW World Title

Living Dangerously


Convention Center

Asbury Park, NJ


Amish Roadkill and Danny Doring defeated Chris Chetti and Nova

Super Crazy defeated Tajiri

Balls Mahoney defeated Steve Corino

Little Guido defeated Antifaz Del Norte

Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn

New Jack defeated Mr. Mustafa

Spike Dudley and Nova defeated The Dudley's

Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer defeated Justin Credible and Lance Storm

Taz defeated Sabu to retain the ECW World Title


Hardcore Heaven


Mid-Hudson Civic Center

Poughkeepsie, NY


Skull Von Crush defeated Danny Doring

Taz defeated Chris Candido

The Dudley's defeated Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney

Tajiri defeated Little Guido

Super Crazy defeated Taka Michinoku

Lance Storm defeated Tommy Dreamer

Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn

Sid Vicious defeated Justin Credible

Taz defeated Buh Buh Ray Dudley



Hara Arena

Dayton, OH


Chris Chetti and Super Nova defeated Danny Doring and Roadkill

Jazz defeated Jason

Super Crazy defeated Little Guido

Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney defeated The Dudley's to win the ECW tag Titles

Taz defeated Tajiri

Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn defeated Lance Storm and Justin Credible

Anarchy Rulz


Odeum Theater

Villa Park, IL


Lance Storm defeated Jerry Lynn

Simon Diamond and Tony Devito wrestled Chris Chetti and Super Nova to a no contest

Justin Credible defeated Sabu

Tajiri defeated Super Crazy and Little Guido

Mike Awesome defeated Taz and Masato Tanaka to become New ECW World Champion

Tommy Dreamer and Raven defeated Steve Corino and Rhino

Rob Van Dam defeated Balls Mahoney

November to Remember


Bert Flickenger Center

Buffalo, NY


Spike Dudley defeated Simon Diamond

Little Guido defeated Super Nova

Jerry Lynn defeated Tajiri and Super Crazy

Sabu defeated Chris Candido

Mike Awesome defeated Masato Tanaka

The F.B.I defeated New Jack, Axl Rotten, and Mahoney

Rob Van Dam defeated Taz

Justin Credible, Lance Storm, and Rhino defeated The Sandman, Raven, Tommy Dreamer