ROI in bids: what is it and how to calculate in live match online?

The abbreviation stands for Return on Investment. The term is widely used in economics and trading on the stock exchange, it indicates how successful or unprofitable was the investment in a particular area. The indicator is expressed as a percentage. For example, if a person bought bitcoins for $10,000 dollars, and then sold them for $15,000, then their ROI will be equal to 50%, that is, exactly half of the invested funds. On the contrary, if one was able to sell the currency only for $5000, then the loss will already be 50%, in this case, the ROI is considered negative.

This indicator is used by all professional bettors, so they calculate how successfully they were able to place bets, and what profit was ultimately on the account, whether the strategy and tactics were correctly chosen. All resources with sports forecasts provide detailed statistics for each capper, and the most important thing here is their ROI. This is what you should focus on when choosing a potential forecaster for bids.

Important clarification

In stock exchanges, Forex, and other areas of the economy, the ROI is calculated for each successful transaction. The businessman invested money, and then received income, or went into negative territory. In sports betting, it is important to consider the time, this is one of the main factors. At a short distance, for example, in 1 week, anyone can win a significant amount, even making a bet at random. The same applies to one successful bet with a crazy coefficient. It is possible that the player has previously lost a lot more money, which is more in total than their random winnings. Is it possible to say that one makes profitable deals? Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the success rate in the long term.

ROI in live match online bets is an indicator of a player’s success over a certain period of time. The expressions “ROIs per game cycle” or “ROIs per unit of time” are usually used. The distance can be last a week, a month, or six months. It is considered that the most objective period for calculating the batterer’s utility coefficient is exactly one year. It is after this time that professionals usually sum up their bets.

How is the ROI calculated?

The success rate is calculated using the formula ROI = (Sw/Si)*. 100 Here SW is the total profit for the entire reporting period, Si is the allocated game bank. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the calculations, it is enough to know two indicators. Again, it should be clarified that the value is a time period, it is absurd and inefficient to count the ROI every day or week. You need to do this at least once a month.

Recommendation. You need to keep financial statements, recording how much money was deposited in each BC, and what the result was at the end of the selected reporting period. This will help you calculate your own success rate over a certain distance.

As a result, the player must decide how long it takes to calculate their own percentage of success or failure in sports betting. Everyone independently decides what period of time to choose. The best option is to start from the latest cricket news and the style of play in bookmakers, because betters use different strategies, and each is unique in its own way. It is customary to select several options.

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