Where does live star sports show its effectiveness?

That’s a correct and timely question. Many people know that the flat shows itself better in football and tennis. But the reason is not related to the sport, but only to the number of markets and variations in outcomes offered by these two most popular sports in betting. In what specific events? First, you should not go along the path of playing for a specific outcome. The best option is total and handicap. You should focus on meetings where the coefficient for the same total is more or less approximately equal. According to calculations, it is enough to guess even half of the results to get a profit, although not large.

Pros and cons

There are many advantages to this tactic. It is easy to understand and apply, used as a passive scheme for earning money on bets. The calculation of passability is primitive, the strategy works out well. The income is small, but it is close to stable. It is difficult to merge the bank on a flat. Typical compliance with the rules and recommendations leads to progressive profit growth. Versatility in terms of application with other financial and most gaming schemes will not be ignored.

There are some live star sports disadvantages. For a good income, you need a solid initial bank and skills in forecasting (or a high-quality source of forecasts). If less than half of the bets are winning, the flat loses effectiveness. The bank’s slow growth is also annoying in places. Here is another drawback for most — psychological pressure. This is especially true for beginners, who are sometimes greedy.

Professional advice

You learn from mistakes, but it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes. Experienced cappers often share their knowledge with novice players. The flat is firmly established in the world of sports betting. Professionals know everything about it, it is worth taking into account the available information. Here is a list of recommendations for the flat from the leading players.

1. Don’t give in to excitement. We won’t get tired of repeating this.

2. Between large and equidistant coefficients for outcomes, give preference to the second one.

3. Don’t forget to additionally calculate the results in apps/excel, according to other schemes.

4. Find out the maximum amount of the BC bet when using the flat modification with the calculation of a percentage of each profit.

This financial strategy is good in terms of sanctions from bookmakers. Many organizations try to hide the advantages of financial and gaming schemes by drawing lines with tricky or unsuccessful coefficients for players, minimizing the amount of the maximum bet, sports day, and pre-calculating statistics on outcomes. The probability theory, flair and professionalism of the player do their job.

Our conclusion

The flat is not a magic tool for instant earnings on bets. Income of 30-50% per month is not expected. You need time and a sufficient initial bank. But the secret of this financial scheme lies in the maximum security of investments. It is enough to monitor the passability of bids to make a profit. Based on the versatility and simplicity of tactics, it is a great option for beginners and professionals.

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