Theorists and sports tak betting distance

In addition to this balanced view of the stakes, distance often appears in various constructions of theorists. All sorts of cappers and people who position themselves as experts in betting refer to certain mythical properties of distance, almost resembling the adepts of cosmology with their references to the infinity of the Universe.

By the way, many scammers like to stretch the distance to infinity when they conduct their arguments to stupefy the audience. It is very convenient to operate with unreal things. It is impossible to immediately check and expose the liar for their deception. A little later, we will consider the ratio of cases with a real distance and a theoretical one that tends to infinity.

In fact, no normal distribution is observed. 98% of players merge much earlier than the betting margin on the distance is calculated to do. So, we can advise you to work in the middle segments, going from goal to goal. Draw conclusions from the results, correct mistakes, and, shortly, improve. Hopes and promises that the distance will fix everything, that on a long stretch, 70% of your losses will be replaced by 70% of your winnings is just nonsense. Any particular player does not and cannot have an infinite distance on the bets.

The actual distance

Infinite, or tending to infinity distance — how much is it in years or bets? We will simply make cynical calculations to put an end once and for all to the delusions of some theorists who mislead newcomers.

Let’s say that a player lives 85 years. Even if you start betting at 15, you have 70 years of potential betting distance: 365 050 bets in 70 years.

Now the question is: is this figure tending to infinity to be considered a very long distance? Not even half a million. Most people will earn more money at work in their lifetime than this amount. So, this is clearly not a very large number to claim infinity and its magical properties.

In practice, we understand that few people will last 70 years at this rate. And 100 bids a week for ea sports cricket 2018 is an unattainable bar.

It turns out that all the pseudo-scientific calculations attributed to infinite distance are still not about reality.


On the one hand, distance is a very important value in betting. It should be treated carefully and rigorously. Choose a reasonable average distance for your goals and strategies. Do not drive the pace to the detriment of the quality of forecasts. Do not attribute to distance properties that it does not have.

On the other hand, all speculations about the “long distance”, “tending to infinity distance”, should be left out of brackets. If you see in some information materials about betting appeal to the fact that “distance will mend any loss”’, that over time all the “value” will come out and make the betterer rich, just remember the arguments from this review.

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